7783-R1-16-18.JPGBen Meyerson is a poet and musician who splits his time between Granada, Spain and Toronto, Ontario. He holds an MFA from the University of Minnesota. His work has drawn inspiration from time spent in a diverse array of landscapes, and the manner in which the spatiotemporal distances that unfold within them nurture different kinds of desire. More often than not, such desire tends to intensify within history until it creates its own diaspora: it becomes a yearning for land, for bodies, for sensory experience, for the jointly receding poles of absence and presence.

The primary content on this website is expressed in the form of ‘projects’: each one represents a discrete span of time devoted to the development of interrelated sets of poems, songs, or articles revolving around a specific range of similarly pitched ideas. In order to achieve maximum accessibility, the site also provides pages wherein each individual medium, be it music, poetry, or prose, is gathered together — regardless of any ‘project’ designation. Ben’s hope is that it will be possible for visitors to find an entry point into his artistic world according to their comfort zone, and then broaden and push themselves past it, investigating how different media, when used in concert, can expose divergent and complementary contours of the same idea.

Newest project: An Ecology of the Void