Translation, for me, is an essential way of treasuring language: when the words are not mine, I feel that I am obliged to handle them with meticulous care as I bring them into my world. I work for the most part with Spanish-language poetry, although I occasionally grapple with Hebrew, as well. While in the past I have been drawn to the Spanish “Novísimos,” my current project is the poet Javier Egea, whose work I was exposed to in Granada.

Translation of Pere Gimferrer’s “Cosecha.” Originally appeared in Patua Letters in early 2012.

Cosecha Ben Meyerson Translation

Translation of Guillermo Carnero’s “Piero della Francesca” in Decoys #1: Spectral Reveries at Impulse[b] Press, 2016.

Translation of Guillermo Carnero’s “Museo Naval de Venecia.” Originally appeared in Patua Letters in late 2011.

Museo Naval de Venecia Ben Meyerson Translation

Translation of Yehuda Amichai’s “First Rain.” Originally appeared in Patua Letters in late 2011.

Geshem Rishon Ben Meyerson Translation