Essays and Articles

Over-Abundance and Ineffability: Flamenco, Mysticism and the Joyful Language-Game” – a essay on the ideological, aesthetic and ecstatic experiential structure of “duende” in flamenco culture, with a particular emphasis on its resonance with the social history of the Gitano (Romani) community of southern Spain. Included is a playlist of flamenco cante that was curated with special attention to recordings featuring the archetypal “voz afillada” that is so often associated with the presence of “duende.” Published in Liminalities, vol. 17, issue 1, pp. 1-26 (October 2021).

El viaje de la poesía de Javier Egea al inglés: la traducción como crítica de la ideología” – an essay on the complications of translating the revolutionary poetics of the Andalusian writer Javier Egea into English in El Mundo Obrero, which is the official periodical of the Communist Party of Spain (June 2021)

“Geoffrey Hill’s Last Word” – a review of Geoffrey Hill’s posthumous collection The Book of Baruch by the Gnostic Justin, in Issue 66 of the Great River Review (autumn 2019)