This page is devoted to gathering together all the poetry that I’ve made publicly available. I update it as diligently as I can.

“To Pasture” and “On The Lapse Of Elegy” in the spring 2014 issue of Epignosis Quarterly, featured by Black Herald Press.

“Renovation (A Fragment)” in the autumn 2015 issue of Gnarled Oak.

“A View of the Walk Home” in issue 6 of Masque & Spectacle (December 1st, 2015)

“Upon Morella” in El Noveno issue of Axolotl (winter 2016)

“When, At Night, You Stir” in the spring 2016 issue of Rust+Moth

“Where” in Volume 6 (“Bello”) of Pidgeonholes (April 2016)

“On Difficulty” in Issue 5 of The Inflectionist Review (June 2016)